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Designer and manufacturer of surgical implants

Aston Medical's main activities are the design, manufacture and marketing of orthopaedic implants and accessories, primarily hip, knee and shoulder implants.

Duocentric inverted orthopaedic implant

Our distinguishing features in the current orthopaedics market stem from our position as a small enterprise which handles all its activities in-house: design of complete prosthetic solutions (implants and instrumentation) meeting the needs of surgeons, who are involved in the development process, open-ended products that can be enhanced based on medical and technical progress and on comments from users (surgeons and also operating theatre personnel, pharmacists, and so on), sales, training and information directly to orthopaedic surgeons and medical teams.

Aston Medical is based in Saint-Etienne, a city that has long been home to a range of mechanical industries. Medical devices are a more recent speciality of the area, enabling Aston Medical to benefit from the latest technologies applicable to its field.

Since its creation, the Aston Medical company has evolved into a tight-knit team of over 60 staff with the wide range of skills needed to meet the ever more stringent technical and regulatory requirements inherent to medical devices.
From the outset, Aston Medical has devoted between 8 and 10% of its revenue to Research and Development of new concepts and new implants. The company was selected by the French innovation agency OSEO as an "innovative enterprise" in 2006.

Working closely with the commercial team, comprising Aston Medical representatives and also regional and foreign distributors, the customer service department ensures optimum service for healthcare facilities and their patients. Implants and their instrumentations are inspected, prepared and shipped (often in response to urgent requests) from a single site.

Since 2006, a dynamic pool of shareholders represented by two French investment funds, Turenne and Sofimac Finance, has taken a share of Aston Medical, thereby increasing the equity capital. In 2009 a third fund (ISF Holding), managed by Sigma Gestion, joined the pool, consolidating Aston's financing and enabling the company to develop its international business in particular, thereby ensuring a long-term return on the continuing investment in innovation. Along with total quality, innovation has always been at the heart of the company's strategy, as measured by the fifty patent applications filed since 1998.